Important Information For Sports Complex Users

Dear Sports Centre Users,

We have had a large number of College pupils experiencing flu-like symptoms. On the advice of Public Health England, we have closed the boarding house affected for five days to prevent the spread of infection and have cancelled the College’s Sport Fixtures. We intend to follow Public Health England’s advice and keep the rest of the school running on as normal a routine as possible.

The reason I am writing to you now is to advise you to read the fact sheet seasonal-influenza from Public Health England which provides information to the list of characteristics that would class an individual as being ‘at risk’ of contracting seasonal flu – including young children, pregnant women, those who have a low-immunity condition and elderly people for more details on at risk groups, please see list-of-clinical-risk-groups.  At this stage the Sports Centre and Tennis Centre remain open and will be running as normal, but our advice is that anyone who falls into any of the categories above should stay away from the College for that same five day period. For those members who do not fall into the categories we wanted you to be informed, to enable you to make your own decisions.

As you may have seen in the press, we are not the only school to be facing such circumstances. There is absolutely no need for any alarm as the pupils who have gone down with the illness are recovering quickly.

We apologise to all users for any inconvenience this situation may cause. More information will be available at the Sports Centre on Friday morning.